Our Results Speak for Themselves

  • $975,000 Auto Accident Settlement

    Claimant’s car was going straight on a roadway, and was “t-boned” by a car coming out of a parking lot. He had a neck injury, resulting in surgery. Claimant made a good recovery, and received an outstanding $975,000 settlement.

  • $775,000 For Psych Injury

    Claimant’s house burned down and she lived in a hotel during reconstruction. When she moved back home, a small amount of painting still had to be done. Contractor hired two inexperienced painters he met in a bar. While claimant was home, the painters caused another fire to break out, which burned the house down again. She began to suffer anxiety whenever she smelled smoke or heard sirens. Attorney Douglas Rallo reached a settlement of $775,000 for claimant, who had only psychological injuries.

  • $750,000 “Jaywalker” Settlement

    A French au pair was struck by a car driven by an elderly driver. The au pair was “jaywalking” after she left a Lake Forest restaurant/bar. The au pair crossed the dimly-lit street mid-block at midnight. She had multiple injuries, but she made a good recovery. Attorney Douglas Rallo achieved a $750,000 settlement for his client. The au pair returned to France to live with her parents during her recuperation.

  • $738,188 Construction Site Negligence

    Attorney Douglas Rallo negotiated a $738,188 lawsuit settlement after a union laborer fractured his pelvis and broke several ribs while working at a construction site. He had to move two, large plywood sheets on the floor. The sheets were not marked as covering a hole nor nailed down as required by OSHA. He picked up a sheet, stepped forward and fell into the hole. The general contractor failed to provide a safe work environment.

  • $500,000 Auto Settlement/No Surgery

    Claimant was a Buffalo Grove resident whose low back “spondylolisthesis” became painful after a rush hour car accident on Route 53. The defense disputed the claim because the accident occurred at very low speed and the claimant never needed any surgery. Attorney Douglas Rallo obtained the testimony of expert orthopedic surgeons to explain how the structures of the spine can be damaged in low speed accidents. The firm’s hard work resulted in a half million dollars settlement.

  • $450,000 “Record High” Shoulder Injury Settlement

    Claimant was rear-ended while stopped and sustained a torn “rotator cuff” injury. Law Offices of Douglas Rallo negotiated a $450,000 settlement of her auto claim. This is a “record high” settlement for a shoulder injury in Lake County, Illinois.

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Douglas Rallo has been a personal injury attorney for more than 30 years.  He has won millions of dollars for people who have been injured at work, in car accidents, or through someone else’s fault.

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