$340,000 Settlement For Union Elevator Contractor

shoulder pain

Claimant was an apprentice member of the International Union of Elevator Constructors, when he was injured on the job. According to his lawyer, Douglas Rallo of Libertyville, the occurrence took place when claimant was sliding heavy equipment off the back end of a truck on to a lift. The claimant threw his shoulder into the… read more

$342,000 Workers Compensation Settlement

shoulder pain

While working in Lake County, claimant was encasing windows. A gust of wind caught the material he was handling while he was standing on a Baker scaffold. He lost his balance and injured his left shoulder, which required surgery. While he was recouperating after surgery, claimant returned to a light duty assignment but his job… read more

$250,000 Union Carpenter Settlement by Workers Comp Lawyer


In this case, our union carpenter injured his back while lifting a door and hanging a light fixture. Claimant successfully completed a course of physical therapy and work conditioning, but did not need surgery. “Even though claimant did not need surgery, we were able to obtain a $250,000 workers compensation settlement”, according to claimant’s Libertyville… read more

$426,000 Settlement For Union Laborer obtained by Workers Compensation Attorney Rallo

sprained wrist

Claimant, a union laborer, was maneuvering a dumpster through an opening in a wall. The dumpster struck the side of the wall and smashed claimant’s hand and forearm. Claimant sustained multiple injuries and needed several surgeries to repair the damage. Claimant hired personal injury attorney Douglas Rallo to help her through this complex and difficult… read more

$98,000 Auto Accident Settlement by Attorney Douglas Rallo

bad car accident

In this auto accident case, the defendant disobeyed the stop sign and drove directly in front of the claimant, causing a collision. The claimant jammed her hands into the steering wheel at the time of impact. Plaintiff developed “Carpal Tunnel Syndrome”. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is caused by compression of the median nerve which passes through… read more