$375,000 Auto Accident Settlement Despite Pre-accident Medical Problems by Libertyville Attorney Rallo

broken windshield

In this case, our 56 year old claimant was driving southbound on Skokie Valley Road in Highland Park, slowing down to turn right into a gas station. She was rear-ended by the defendant. “In order to recover damages in an auto accident negligence case, the claimant must prove that the injuries were ‘proximately caused’ by… read more

$450,000 Shoulder Injury Auto Settlement – Record High For Lake County Attorney

shoulder pain

In this case, claimant was travelling northbound on Dilleys Road in Newport Township, Lake County. She stopped because a collision had taken place between two other vehicles in front of her. While she was stopped, claimant’s car was rear-ended. She sustained a torn “rotator cuff”. The rotator cuff is an important muscle-tendon unit in the… read more

$150,000 for Teamster Delivery Driver

truck traveling down highway

Working for a package delivery company requires repetitive, often heavy lifting, at rapid speed. At one company, for example, truck loaders are required to repetitively lift hundreds of packages of variable weights and sizes per hour. Packages weighing up to 70 pounds must be lifted without assistance. The packages must be carried up several steps… read more

$300,000 Settlement for Union Carpenter Injured at McMormick Place

shipping container

While unloading a truck at a loading dock at McCormick Place in Chicago, there was no dock plate to bridge the gap between the truck and the dock. Claimant stepped in the opening with his left leg and sustained a torn meniscus in his knee. After successful knee surgery, Rallo Law Offices obtained a $300,000… read more

$350,000 for Union Laborer

masonry brick laying

Attorney Douglas Rallo has obtained a $350,000 settlement for a union laborer who injured his shoulder while lifting a mortar tub at work. After completing his medical treatment, claimant had a “functional capacity evaluation” (FCE), to determine his ability to return to work. An “FCE” is a series of physical tests over several hours which… read more