$400,000 for Union Sheet Metal Worker

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If you have been in a work accident, it is important to tell the doctor everything that was injured, and do what you can to make sure that all the facts of your injury are recorded in the medical records. In order to succeed in a worker’s compensation case, claimant must prove that his injury… read more

$400,000 “Wage Differential” for Union Carpenter

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In this case, claimant was stripping out a concrete panel by pulling on it. He herniated a disk in his low back and had two surgeries. Although he made a very good recovery, claimant’s doctor imposed restrictions on him which were not compatible with working as a carpenter. Claimant took a lighter duty job which… read more

Undocumented Immigrants and Workers Compensation Claims

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Question: Are undocumented immigrants entitled to Illinois workers compensation benefits? Answer: Yes. In the case of Economy Packing Company v. Illinois Workers Compenstaion Comission, the Illinois Appelate Court ruled that “all aliens …. regardless of their immigration status … are entitled to receive workers compensation benefits … including permanent total disability benefits”. Did you know… read more

$400,000 for “Loaned” Employee

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Law Offices of Douglas Rallo recently achieved a $400,000 workers compensation settlement for a union carpenter. In this case, claimant was originally hired by Company A. During the course of employment, claimant was temporarily asked to work for Company B. While working for Company B, claimant herniated a disk in his neck and had surgery…. read more

$100,000 Auto Accident Settlement for IBEW Electrician

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Libertyville attorney Douglas Rallo has reached a $100,000 settlement for an auto accident case which arose in Will County. The claimant, an IBEW Local 176 journeyman was stopped for a red light on Lincoln Highway when he was rear-ended by the defendant. The claimant sustained several injuries as a result of the occurrence. One of… read more