$100,000 Settlement What is Underinsured Motorist Coverage?

fender bender car accident 2

Every driver of a motor vehicle in Illinois is required to have $20,000 of liability insurance coverage on their vehicle. Liability insurance pays compensation to another person if the driver causing injuries is responsible for the accident. However, what if the injuries are severe and your legal claim is worth more than $20,000? Trying to… read more

$100,000 Settlement/Vehicle vs. Pedestrian

woman hit by car

In this case, claimant was a pedestrian who was crossing Buffalo Grove Road at Church Road in Buffalo Grove. The defendant, making a left turn, struck him with his vehicle, fracturing the claimant’s left leg at the knee. The claimant sustained a fracture of the “tibial plateau”. The tibia is the major weight-bearing bone below… read more

$250,000 Settlement. New “Lien” Law Helps Claimant

motorcycle accident

In this case, claimant was riding his motorcycle on Stewart Avenue in Libertyville. The defendant pulled out from the stop sign on Lincoln Avenue in front of claimant, who had the right-of-way. Claimant sustained a fractured femur (the long bone between the hip and knee), which required surgical repair. Four months later, claimant was jogging… read more

$975,000 Auto Accident Settlement

whiplash car accident

In this case, claimant was a 43 year old union electrician who was travelling northbound on the access road parallel to Woodman’s Market in Kenosha, WI, intending to go home after shopping. The defendant drove eastbound out of the Buffalo Wild Wings parking lot, striking the driver’s side of claimant’s vehicle. The accident caused claimant… read more